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Why Contar


Tough, Hard wearing

Contar Floor & Wall systems have a compressive strength much greater than that of concrete and a high flexural strength, which combine to form tough systems resistant to impact, abrasion and chemical attack. Contar Primer has a bond strength in excess of the shear strength of concrete.

Easy maintenance

The sealed seamless surface of all Contar systems are easy clean and low maintenance. The surface resists graffiti and chewing gum will not adhere to it. Both wall and floor systems can be regularly pressure washed or steam cleaned without degradation.

Rapid Cure

The airing process of Contar systems give a full depth mechanical and chemical cure, within one hour. This ensures minimum disruption to production schedules and shortens construction programmes. The rapid cure means that floors cannot be trafficked too early.

Seamless & Hygienic

The finished surface of Contar systems is totally sealed and seamless (including joints) and easy to clean. The systems meet all Environmental Health standards as a hygienic envelope and will not support microbiological growth. The resins are totally resistant to UV degradation over time.

Chemical bonding

Contar's MMA resins chemically cure to link into substrates by long chain polymers. Each layer chemically bonds to the previous cured layer to provide the unique property which precludes de-lamination. This also allows rapid repairs of accidental damage.


Contar systems are available in a wide range of decorative finishes in solid colours or speckled patterns. Your choice of colours are only limited by your imagination.

The demarcation of different areas by different colours is easily accomplished during application, including insetting of logos.

Chemically Resistant

The systems are resistant to attack by all chemicals and fluids normally in use and have excellent resistance to strong alkalis and acids and to thermal shock.

Wide application temperature range

Contar systems may be laid indoors and outdoors, and will rapidly cure within the temperature range -30°C to -40°C.


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